CITY MUSEUM                           An eclective & interactive grand installation
St Louis, Missouri 1999 - present

Human Kaleidoscope
Giant Slinky   Mosaic Floors

We built it and they came... and keep coming.  I collaborated with Bob Cassilly - just doing whatever we felt like - having a blast - using whatever materials he had around. He had mirrors salvaged from department stores - I took apart a little kaleidoscope and said let's make it big.  My sculpture and glass blowing studio was a museum exhibit where the public could watch, be mesmerized, and make their own art.  The Museum bought me out in 2000.

"...a three story monument to unbridled creativity - two parts playground, one part hands-on art show." AP/Chicago Sun-Times 8/22/02

"...a fantasia.."  People Magazine 12/8/97

"Not so much a museum, as a playground for your creative spirit."   St Louis Area Family Gazette 9/1998

Voted: "Best For All - a day or two of zany fun."   National Geographic Traveler July/August 1999

"The City Museum Knocks Our Socks Off"   Association of Children's Museums 2001

" hysterical as it is historical."  National Geographic Traveler July/August 2000

"a nutritious banquet for all the senses. Eat up!"   The St. LouisSenior Circuit, 2000

"...outstanding..."   The Telegraph 11/10/02


"Great Places in the World" - Project for Public Places 2004

American Institute of Architects Award for Craftsmanship 2000

Cityscape Award
- Downtown St Louis Inc. 2000

Pierre Laclede Award - StL 2004

Energy Achievement Award - Creative Vision 2000

Missouri Coalition for the Environment Award 2000

Better Downtown Award - Downtown St Louis Inc. 2000

100 Leaders for the Millennium Sold on St Louis Award 2000

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